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Landscapes ::
The nature is vast as our imagination can be

Pictures from Hawaii | Around the World

Pictures from Hawaii ::
Pictures from Hawaii, my home since 1991.
The forbidden Island of Ni'ihau. Only about 150 people live on Ni'ihau. They are mostly pure blood Hawaiians, and their main language is Hawaiian. The electricity comes from a gasoline powered generator. They grow most of their food, and about once every two months a helicopter drops food and household suplies that complete their needs. Ancient taro fields in Hanaley valley. Hundreds of years of history stil producing the very best taro on Earth. I don't see many sunsets like this one very often. That's because I'm usually at work around sunset. If not, I'd be enjoying them everyday right from my porch, like this one here... Kealia Beach, when the sun was just waking up. Kealia Beach, from the lookout. Coconut Coast, Kapa'a, Kauai. Front row One more day, one more chance to change your life around. Kealia sunrise.
Menehune fishpond, Nawiliwili, Kauai. The legend says this pond was built by the menehunes, a race of people only four feet tall who worked overnight. Relaxing moment, hoping for dinner. Coconut Coast, Kauai. The famous Sleeping Giant mountain, Kauai's East Side. I came upon this two buses as I entered a dirt road, looking for a clean foreground to shoot the amazing sunset I was seeing from the highway. Immediately my eyes were drawn to this unique composition.